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Decoding Ecommerce Benchmarks : The True Meaning Behind Your Metrics

In this super competitive world, everyone wants to see how they rank. Which football team is leading this season? What are the top 5 best-selling smartwatches? Which car has the best 0-60 times? In reality, the most important question is arguably, “Am I doing well compared to my competition?” That’s where benchmarks come in, and they’re everywhere – from tech, health, and of course the business world.

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Black Friday 2023: Record Sales and Shifting Consumer Trends

I remember watching videos of people rushing through the store and fighting for flat-screen TVs on Black Friday. Fortunately, when I was old enough to buy myself a large TV, online shopping had taken over, and there are now much easier ways to enjoy great deals.

For digital marketers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the Super Bowl of online shopping. The 2023 period did not disappoint, with record-breaking sales that show how E-commerce is still growing. While I won’t go into details about this important time (thousands of others have done it successfully), I still want to communicate to my readers the most important insights for this season.

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Amazon Now Sells Cars: A New Era of Growth or a Road Full of Potholes?

Amazon sells millions of different products: clothes, food, lawnmowers, toilets, and even houses. Not much is missing, especially now that we’re almost able to buy cars on Amazon. Starting in 2024, Amazon plans to revolutionize car buying by enabling customers to purchase Hyundai vehicles online directly from its platform. Amazon’s latest move, in partnership with Hyundai, may significantly impact the auto industry. The news was strong enough to impact the stock prices of companies like Carvana and Autotrader in mid-November. This move is a natural progression for Amazon and its digital showrooms, presenting an unprecedented offer to consumers.

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Halloween’s Sweet Treat: Record-Breaking Consumer Spending

Ah, Halloween. That time of the year when children are allowed to trespass with a mask on, and take candy from strangers. It’s also the time when adults either wear the cheapest, last-minute costume, or go crazy and compete for the most elaborate outfit. Although there are major differences in how much each customer spends, the Halloween season is still an economic powerhouse. It is estimated that the average consumer will spend $108 in 2023, up from $100 last year. Halloween is a major event for retailers, and customers’ interest does not decrease. Let’s see how customers shop during the season and how businesses can plan for it.

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Restoring Trust in E-Commerce: The Industry Giants’ War on Fake Reviews

Do you take the time to read reviews from other customers before ordering something online? If you do, you’re in good company, as about 95% of shoppers do the same. However, you probably know that not all reviews online can be trusted. In the digital marketplace, it is common for unscrupulous companies or individuals to generate fake reviews, either to boost their sales or harm the reputation of their competitors. The proliferation of these deceptive reviews has become a huge problem in the e-commerce world. That is why six online titans have formed the Coalition for Trusted Reviews. Amazon joined Booking.com, Expedia Group, Glassdoor, Tripadvisor, and Trustpilot to share best practices and fight fake online reviews.

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FTC vs. Amazon: What Would A World Without Amazon FBA Be Like?

According to the FTC, Amazon now takes nearly half of every dollar in sales from sellers who use its fulfillment services.  Wow, that is quite a bold statement, and I can’t help but picture a high school bully stealing lunch money from scrawny kids. But is the situation really this dramatic? In the final part of my FTC lawsuit review, I’d like to go over the allegations concerning Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program.

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Is Amazon Now Mostly Ads? How the Recent FTC Lawsuit Addresses the User and Seller Experience

Some people remember their first kiss, others their first time flying, I remember my first Amazon order. It was almost a decade ago, I had just moved to Philadelphia as an exchange student. I remember finding the stupidly expensive textbook I needed for a class on Amazon at 20% of the university bookstore price. This is when my journey with Amazon began. Back then, Amazon US already offered a huge selection of products, compared to European marketplaces. I was fascinated by how easy it was to find unique products and great deals. And let me tell you, things have changed. Sometimes, I’d like to go back in time and analyze the 2014 Amazon to compare it to the current version. As we will see in this article, there were many changes regarding the product search process. Changes so radical the FTC now has an eye on it.

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Amazon in Hot Waters: A Deep Dive into the Recent Antitrust Lawsuit

Did you know that even when shoppers discover a product they like on a retailer’s website, 90 percent of them still compare it with Amazon’s offerings or prices? It shows how bug Amazon’s influence is in the ecommerce landscape and why they strive to offer the best deals to their customers. However, if you’ve been reading the news, you likely know of the antitrust lawsuit that has brought Amazon under scrutiny.

Having spent many years as a seller on Amazon in multiple countries, I was very interested to hear more about it. The lawsuit accuses Amazon of using monopoly power to push higher prices for consumers, overcharge its 3rd-party sellers, and stifle competition. I would like to go through the key parts of the lawsuit, and reflect on what can be done to improve the situation for all stakeholders, including customers.

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Amazon Buy With Prime New Features and What They Mean for Entrepeneurs

Back in April 2022, Amazon launched their “Buy with Prime” program, allowing sellers to offer customers shopping on their website the option to make purchases using their Amazon Prime accounts and receive items through Amazon’s sophisticated fulfillment network. The goal was to generate additional revenue for Amazon, gather data, and compete with platforms like Shopify.

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