Month: November 2023

Black Friday 2023: Record Sales and Shifting Consumer Trends

I remember watching videos of people rushing through the store and fighting for flat-screen TVs on Black Friday. Fortunately, when I was old enough to buy myself a large TV, online shopping had taken over, and there are now much easier ways to enjoy great deals.

For digital marketers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the Super Bowl of online shopping. The 2023 period did not disappoint, with record-breaking sales that show how E-commerce is still growing. While I won’t go into details about this important time (thousands of others have done it successfully), I still want to communicate to my readers the most important insights for this season.

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TikTok’s Logistics Network and Impact on the Competitive Environment

In my opinion, one of the main reasons behind Amazon’s success is its attractiveness for 3rd party sellers. The large amount of traffic and the easy way to generate sales (profitability is another story) certainly helped. Another big reason is their fulfillment network, notably their FBA program. When I didn’t know much about Ecommerce, I thought the idea of 3rd party logistics programs was genius and a huge opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs. It is no surprise that Walmart, a serious contender in the US Ecommerce space, launched their marketplace along with their WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Services) program.

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Amazon Now Sells Cars: A New Era of Growth or a Road Full of Potholes?

Amazon sells millions of different products: clothes, food, lawnmowers, toilets, and even houses. Not much is missing, especially now that we’re almost able to buy cars on Amazon. Starting in 2024, Amazon plans to revolutionize car buying by enabling customers to purchase Hyundai vehicles online directly from its platform. Amazon’s latest move, in partnership with Hyundai, may significantly impact the auto industry. The news was strong enough to impact the stock prices of companies like Carvana and Autotrader in mid-November. This move is a natural progression for Amazon and its digital showrooms, presenting an unprecedented offer to consumers.

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From Disruption to Divestment: Unilever is Selling Dollar Shave Club 

I could write a whole article on the Ad that turned Dollar Shave Club into a billion-dollar company. The ad was hilarious, but also communicated the company value proposition very well : quality razors delivered to your door at a fair price. But instead, I want to go over Unilever’s announcement to sell the majority of its stake in Dollar Shave Club to Nexus Capital Management.

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From Q3 Hurdles to Holiday Hustle: Are Ecommerce Returns a Good Bet for UPS?

Have you ever wondered how Santa gets gifts to every home so quickly? He’s got a secret weapon: a brown sleigh with the letters U-P-S on the side. When the reindeer are overworked, UPS is out there, making holiday wishes come true. UPS and other carriers will be busy this holiday season, as up to 80% of customers say they plan on shopping online.

But hold on, we aren’t there yet. Let’s take a moment to go over UPS’s Q3 performance. It’s a big deal in the world of e-commerce, and things haven’t quite lived up to what we were hoping for. UPS isn’t just sitting around, though. They’re on the move, making changes and taking action. Let’s jump into the numbers, UPS strategy, and the outlook on the upcoming Christmas season.

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