Month: June 2024

Shein Under Scrutiny in the EU: Why Their Latest Feature Won’t Cut It

If you’re reading my content, you know my stance on the fast-fashion industry. Yet, I find it fascinating to observe dynamics between competitors, regulators, and customers. This time, the giant Shein is facing new regulations in the European Union. We can also hear industry experts in the US calling for changes regarding Temu and Shein, for example, on de minimis thresholds. This time, Shein is under scrutiny in the EU, and subject to new regulations. Let’s see what these new regulations are about, and why I think the recent measures Shein took in the EU won’t be enough to make their model more sustainable.

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TikTok Makes It Easier to Become an Affiliate: Good News or More Trouble for Brands?

Are you tired of hearing about TikTok yet? From articles on how TikTok killed our attention span to the potential security threat leading to a ban in the US, the Chinese social media platform keeps making headlines. We already know about its growing impact on American businesses through its influencers and shopping features. Social commerce is growing year after year, and we can expect the trend to continue following the latest news: TikTok lowers the threshold for content creators to become affiliates. Let’s see what this is about and how it will impact brands and consumers.

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