Hey everyone, I’m François, author of this blog.

Even though I have a background in engineering, I’ve always been passionate about business. I can’t remember skipping a single business class in college, not even on Friday mornings. After graduation, I got a job in Paris. Living in the suburbs, my commute was absurdly long, and I read tons of books to not feel like I was wasting my time.

The book that stuck me the most was The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. I quickly realized that Ecommerce is a fantastic opportunity to scale a business and reach customers all over the world. I love the idea of using the latest technologies to sell physical products to customers, make their life better, while generating a good income. This motivated me to start my own small business, creating my brand of nootropics and health supplements.

Fast forward a few years, I now have experience in entrepreneurship, creating my brand, designing and selling my own products. I went to college in Texas and missed the Lone Star state, so I later decided move to Dallas to work for a small but very successful company and help them manage their Ecommerce department. I am also part of the University of North Texas college of Digital Retailing advisory board, and regularly mentor students.

During the covid lockdowns, I was going crazy not being able to go watch soccer at my favorite bar. Instead of watching TikTok all day, I wrote a book to stay busy. My book, Ecommerce 101 : All you need to start and grow a successful online business, offers an illustrated tour of basic business and online sales concepts for building and developing an ecommerce business, from the idea formulation to its expansion. It is now available for sale on Amazon.

Finally, I enjoy writing and learning more about business, so I created this blog to share some ideas. I had to cut some sections from my book, but instead of keeping them in a corner of my Google drive, I’d rather share them here. I also like to comment on recent ecommerce news, and publish regularly bimonthly reports. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my content!