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Shein Under Scrutiny in the EU: Why Their Latest Feature Won’t Cut It

If you’re reading my content, you know my stance on the fast-fashion industry. Yet, I find it fascinating to observe dynamics between competitors, regulators, and customers. This time, the giant Shein is facing new regulations in the European Union. We can also hear industry experts in the US calling for changes regarding Temu and Shein, for example, on de minimis thresholds. This time, Shein is under scrutiny in the EU, and subject to new regulations. Let’s see what these new regulations are about, and why I think the recent measures Shein took in the EU won’t be enough to make their model more sustainable.

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TikTok Makes It Easier to Become an Affiliate: Good News or More Trouble for Brands?

Are you tired of hearing about TikTok yet? From articles on how TikTok killed our attention span to the potential security threat leading to a ban in the US, the Chinese social media platform keeps making headlines. We already know about its growing impact on American businesses through its influencers and shopping features. Social commerce is growing year after year, and we can expect the trend to continue following the latest news: TikTok lowers the threshold for content creators to become affiliates. Let’s see what this is about and how it will impact brands and consumers.

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Selling Used Clothes Online is Hard – Can eBay Acquisition of Certilogo Help Sellers and Customers?

When I was a kid, my dad would take me to flea markets and garage sales every other weekend. I loved it because I could always find a cool toy for very little money. A few years later, as a teenager, I started looking for things I could resell for a profit. It was exciting and helped me make a little money to go out with my friends, but I had to stop when I got busy with college.

Fast forward a few years, while the ultra-fast fashion and disposable clothes from Shein often make the headlines in the news, recommerce is bigger than ever. Vinted revenues are growing year after year. Even Tiktok launched a new ‘Preowned Luxury’ category. Last week, eBay, one of the main channels for second-hand items, announced an interesting innovation for their clothing category. I think this is a great opportunity to go over this new feature, and review what the challenges are for small businesses in the pre-owned fashion industry.

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Etsy Q1 Earning Call Review – Interesting Initiatives but Poor Threat Assessment?

“Etsy? Who cares about Etsy Q1 earning call when we can review Amazon’s?” Believe it or not, the world of ecommerce is more than just Amazon. Etsy is a large marketplace that is much more relevant than Amazon for many small business owners. I found that Etsy is working on relevant projects over the last year. And as the competition from Chinese giants is threatening many companies, I thought it would be interesting to see if/how Etsy approaches it. 

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TikTok Getting Closer to a Ban in the US: My Top 3 Consequences for Brands

Some people say Gen Z will riot if TikTok gets banned in the US. For me, I think business owners and marketing managers have more reasons to be upset. While the major news focuses on geopolitics and the assumed threat regarding data security, I feel that the impact on US businesses is overlooked.

It would be a mistake to assume banning a Chinese app would only have positive consequences for US businesses. Keep in mind that I am not advocating for or against the ban. I understand that this is more complicated than my small area of expertise in e-commerce. But brands should be aware of the consequences of a potential ban so they can prepare for an uncertain future.

So let’s jump to the top three reasons, in no specific order, why I think banning TikTok could seriously hurt some local businesses.

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What Isn’t Sold Online These Days? How New Generations Drive Online Sales of Furniture and Other Large Items

When I moved to Dallas from overseas years ago, I remember renting a truck and driving around the city to pick up cheap furniture at IKEA and from Craigslist to fill my apartment. While I was able to find some good deals, I also remember how sore my back was the next day from moving and carrying heavy stuff all day.

If I had to do it again today, I would take advantage of all the amazing advances made in e-commerce to order most of the furniture online. It is estimated that the global market for furniture will reach $873 billion by 2030, with 35% coming from online purchases.

Companies like Wayfair saw a boom in sales during the pandemic. While revenues are down compared to their peak, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft increased its price objective for Wayfair from $63.00 to $79.00. So how come people buy more and more furniture over the internet? And, what are some products available for purchase today that were merely a dream a decade ago?

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What is the New Amazon SKU Economics Report and Why it Can Help You

You can often read on Amazon Seller forums, on Reddit, or other online boards about new entrepreneurs selling on Amazon who can’t figure out why they aren’t making as much money as expected, or even why they are losing money. After all, they buy widgets for $3 in China that they resell for $15; how are they not making bank?

The world of business, e-commerce, and Amazon can sometimes be rough on beginners. And, to be fair, Amazon can make it even more challenging to understand where your money goes. The fees change every year, new fees appear while others disappear. Some are even challenging to keep track of due to their convoluted structure (Hello, low-inventory fee).

Fortunately, Amazon has released an interesting feature: the new SKU Economics Report, designed to help sellers evaluate their costs and profitability per item. So let’s take a look at this new tool and how it can assist you.

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Chewy is Losing Customers : Can the Ecommerce Giant Surprising Strategic Move Help Them?

When I moved to Texas from France, I was surprised to see this many dogs when walking around. I thought every other person had a dog. I wasn’t too far off: 66% of U.S. households (86.9 million homes) own a pet, with dogs being the most popular pet (65.1 million U.S. households own a dog).

As a result, the pet care market is huge, $246.66 billion worldwide in 2023 and is projected to grow to $259.37 billion in 2024. Of course, this market is very competitive, and even the largest companies have to constantly innovate to grow.

The e-commerce giant Chewy announced surprising plans to expand, and I’d like to discuss whether other retailers should emulate them.

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France Taxes Fast Fashion : Will We See Similar Regulations Expand to Other Countries and Industries?

Do you feel guilty ordering clothes from Shein? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of social media users are voicing their concerns about the impact on the environment and the labor practices of the Chinese giant, criticizing influencers’ “Shein hauls.”

Yet, Shein is more popular than ever, with over 250 million app downloads in 2023. The sheer volume of clothing sold and the resulting waste are reasons why some consumers are becoming concerned. But consumers are not the only ones worried: businesses and the government seem to be taking the threat seriously, with France’s parliament backing measures to make fast fashion less attractive to buyers.

Of course, governments say they want to support more sustainable practices. But is saving the environment the only reason behind these potential new regulations? Following the massive success of China-based shopping apps, could we see similar regulations expand to industries beyond just fast fashion?

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Let’s Put Our Tinfoil Hats On and Explore the Potential Dark Side of Amazon’s Generative AI

Generative AI has been all the rage for a while now. How many marketers use Chat-GPT to generate engaging copy for their product pages? Here’s some major news for those who do: Amazon is launching generative AI features to help sellers create product listing content.

“Yay, even less work!” some might say. And yes, it will make life easier for some sellers. But I can see some potential negative consequences for third-party sellers. These new features could also be a very smart move from Amazon to gain market share on the global ecommerce sales, and help them compete with Temu and Shein.

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