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Holiday Countdown: How Retailers Manage Customers Expectation When Shipping Orders

As we get closer to Christmas, many of us prefer to order our presents online and skip the long lines in grocery stores. I make the same mistake every year, waiting until the very last minute to start shopping. And every year, I ask myself the same question: Will my stuff be delivered before Christmas?

For businesses, the holiday season is often a very important time, and setting the right expectations for customers while maximizing sales is key. Let’s take a look at how big retailers do it, what we can learn from them, and what the best practices are.

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From Q3 Hurdles to Holiday Hustle: Are Ecommerce Returns a Good Bet for UPS?

Have you ever wondered how Santa gets gifts to every home so quickly? He’s got a secret weapon: a brown sleigh with the letters U-P-S on the side. When the reindeer are overworked, UPS is out there, making holiday wishes come true. UPS and other carriers will be busy this holiday season, as up to 80% of customers say they plan on shopping online.

But hold on, we aren’t there yet. Let’s take a moment to go over UPS’s Q3 performance. It’s a big deal in the world of e-commerce, and things haven’t quite lived up to what we were hoping for. UPS isn’t just sitting around, though. They’re on the move, making changes and taking action. Let’s jump into the numbers, UPS strategy, and the outlook on the upcoming Christmas season.

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