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Why Are Amazon Third-Party Sellers Furious? Analyzing the New Inventory Placement Fee and How to Reduce it

When Amazon initially announced their new fee structures for 2024, sellers were expecting to see an increase in how much they’d pay. But now that the fees are implemented, there is a lot of outcry across Amazon seller forums, Reddit, LinkedIn, and social media. The object of all this rage: Amazon’s new inventory placement fees. Beyond the Change.org petition to get this fee removed, this made so much noise that the FTC is now investigating it. The agency’s interest followed Fortune’s recent article on how sellers feel about this new fee.

Today, I want us to review what this fee is, explain why sellers are furious and how it may impact your business. Finally, we will see if every company is impacted equally and investigate potential strategies to mitigate the impact of this fee.

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A Fitting Room in the Post Office?  Why La Poste Latest Experiment Can Make Sense in Some Areas

I recently saw a news article about a surprising innovation in my home country: fitting rooms at the post office. What does fashion have to do with shipping packages? You guessed it, ecommerce returns. Why would I want to change and try on clothes in a post office? Well, in some cases it could make sense. Beyond the unique aspect of this move, I thought it was a good reminder of why local specificities still matter in an ever more connected ecommerce world.

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2024 Amazon Fee Changes: What You Can Expect to Pay Next Year

If you’re selling on Amazon and plan to continue doing so next year, I advise you to stock up on aspirin. Amazon has announced changes to their fee structure, and it will become a lot more complicated to figure out your cost structures when selling on the marketplace.

Some fees will decrease, others will increase, and new fees will be introduced. While selling on Amazon in 2023 could be a little confusing for new entrepreneurs, I imagine that even veterans will need time to adjust to these new fee structures.

Let’s go over the December 5th statement from Amazon explaining what changes will be made, and see who will see their expenses increase the most (and maybe the lucky ones who may pay less than in 2023). I will summarize the fees and try to make them as easy to understand as I can.

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From Q3 Hurdles to Holiday Hustle: Are Ecommerce Returns a Good Bet for UPS?

Have you ever wondered how Santa gets gifts to every home so quickly? He’s got a secret weapon: a brown sleigh with the letters U-P-S on the side. When the reindeer are overworked, UPS is out there, making holiday wishes come true. UPS and other carriers will be busy this holiday season, as up to 80% of customers say they plan on shopping online.

But hold on, we aren’t there yet. Let’s take a moment to go over UPS’s Q3 performance. It’s a big deal in the world of e-commerce, and things haven’t quite lived up to what we were hoping for. UPS isn’t just sitting around, though. They’re on the move, making changes and taking action. Let’s jump into the numbers, UPS strategy, and the outlook on the upcoming Christmas season.

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