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TikTok’s Logistics Network and Impact on the Competitive Environment

In my opinion, one of the main reasons behind Amazon’s success is its attractiveness for 3rd party sellers. The large amount of traffic and the easy way to generate sales (profitability is another story) certainly helped. Another big reason is their fulfillment network, notably their FBA program. When I didn’t know much about Ecommerce, I thought the idea of 3rd party logistics programs was genius and a huge opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs. It is no surprise that Walmart, a serious contender in the US Ecommerce space, launched their marketplace along with their WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Services) program.

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Ecommerce Rivalry Unveiled: How to Navigate a Competitive Environment

In the grand theater of ecommerce, competition takes center stage, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. But not every performance is a heart-pounding Shakespearean tragedy. Each business has its unique script, stage, and actors, and the intensity of rivalry among competitors can vary dramatically.

Today, we will explore the competitive dynamics of the business world, with a special focus on the ecommerce world. For the business strategy nerds out there, we’ll delve into Porter’s analysis of the intensity of rivalry and apply it to online businesses. We’ll review the key factors that impact the intensity of rivalry before looking at strategies to successfully navigate a competitive environment. So, let’s dive in and discover what keeps our audience applauding.

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How to Find New Products Ideas

I have met many aspiring entrepreneurs over the years. While some were quick to start their first business, most were struggling to get started. I have heard many reasons (some would say excuses) why they wanted to start a business but could not: lack of funds, not enough education or experience, or too busy with their job. But the one reason that comes up the most is finding the right idea. It is easy to convince someone that they can start a business without a Harvard MBA or a million dollars in the bank. But getting them to acknowledge they can find a good business idea is more difficult.

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You May Have More Competitors Than You Think

How many competitors do you think you have? Are you sure your environment isn’t more competitive than that? It is easy to underestimate how many competitors a company has. While finding out about direct competitors is easy, the threat of indirect competitors (or threat of substitutes) can be more difficult to evaluate. Ultimately, when does this competition matter, and when is it less of a problem? Let’s find out!

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